Technical plant manager Dirk with recycling plant in the background
Dirk | Technical Plant Manager | Motivator | Caretaker

“I make waste a thing of the past.”

How I discovered Wieland? I didn’t. It was more the other way around. Wieland discovered us, meaning the Ulm metal smelting plant – today, Wieland Recycling. We have been part of the Wieland Group since 2015. As copper experts, we produce around 13,000 metric tons of cast copper alloys a year. Compared to previous employers, the management structure at the metal smelting plant Ulm is significantly flatter. The executive level acts non-bureaucratic, which is something I like. All this makes work fun. Particularly when you have as much work as we do.

Close up of copper chips
„Many of us have been part of the company for ages and have found our professional home here.“
Technical Plant Manager | Motivator


Idleness is a word we don’t know

As plant manager, I am responsible for many projects that optimize our foundry processes: optimizing the smelting process, investing in a new continuous casting plant, a central recooling plant and processing plant for foundry residues. We face new challenges every day. We really cannot complain about being bored or idle. This makes it even more important that the team works well together. In our team, everybody is willing to take on other tasks and help each other out.

Openness is my strength

We collaborate very well. Naturally, sometimes the atmosphere gets a bit unsettled. But in production, people are very down-to-earth and direct. As plant manager, I want to motivate my colleagues and get them excited about new things. For this reason, the most important characteristics in my position in addition to technical know-how are credibility, consistency, predictability and authenticity. And the willingness to keep improving in this regard. To achieve this, Wieland offers many leadership seminar opportunities for self-assessment and recalibration, if necessary. My colleagues are worth it. They are my daily motivation to give my very best.