IT expert Andy with the New York skyline in the background
Andy | Senior Manager | Agency Founder | Avid Learner

“I enable smart digitalization.”

Copper is a hidden champion. IT has always fascinated me. Particularly the mode of operation that goes with it. To create space for development, be agile, do without hierarchical thinking – talent thrives in such an environment and is able to develop positively, regardless of whether at a small agency or at a global player. Wieland attracted me for two reasons. I like the company’s international footprint and the innovative power that Wieland’s IT generates in the age of digitalization. And I like the idea of a hidden champion. You can find semi-finished products pretty much everywhere these days. It’s just that barely anybody realizes this.

Two female hands holding a tablet and a touchpen
„Never stop learning – this describes the atmosphere in our international IT team very well.“
Senior Manager | Agency Founder | Avid Learner


We are avid learners here

Standing still is going backwards. There is always something new to discover that we can share with others. We all love the space found here for creativity and growth, and afford this to others in return. We face many challenging and exciting projects that help each of us develop in our own individual way. People who appreciate our way of thinking, who welcome change and who see creative freedom as an opportunity will have a great time here.

At Wieland you can make an impact.

I am rarely content with the status quo. If I see an opportunity to change something and make it better, I go for it. A dream job for me is a job where I can make an impact – to work in a team helping shape a desirable future and make it happen. Wieland offers opportunities that are hard to find elsewhere. Abilities can be shown – and what is even more important – they will be noticed. And this quickly leads to a large degree of creative freedom and responsibility. I really enjoy that.