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Copper connects the world. In technologies, such as eMobility, energy and data transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning technology, digitalization and the Internet of Things. And in everything that has yet to be innovated today, but will need copper tomorrow.
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We are a subsidiary of the Wieland Group based in Singapore, with a state-of-the-art cold rolling mill as well as high-performance slitting and milling lines. We offer a broad portfolio of copper and high-performance alloy strips for the Asian customers. You can find further information here: Wieland Singapore.

Engineering Associate

Your future

Job Purpose

  • Quality Control Inspection
  • IMTE Verification and basic maintenance
  • QC Report
  • Other Responsibilities


Quality Control Inspection (Incoming/ Intermediate/ Outgoing)

  • Perfom visual, mechanical and geometrical inspection on Mastercoils and Finished Goods according to Workmanship Standards and specific customer requirements
  • Prepare Customer Pre-cut Samples as per Job Ticket/MES
  • Retain, identify, store and dispose samples as per Wieland and Customer specified requirement
  • Prepare samples to HQ on inspections / tests which RP.Si is not capable to perform due to equipment limitation
  • Liaise with Production and/or Warehouse for re-sampling when non-conformity is found
  • Liaise with the immediate superior and respective QA Engineer for validation of marginal defects and non-conformities
  • Perform incoming documentation verification for Pre-rolled and WWAG mastercoils
  • Review and release inspection lot accordingly (Usage Decision)

Maintenance of Test Results in MES / SAP and related Quality Records and Checklists

  • Input Measurement data obtained from the inspection in MES, SAP and quality record
  • Raise internal claim for any non-conformities and update internal claim disposition in MES
  • Manage Schablone Report (Surface Inspection Report) in SAP
  • Records defect location and position of Green Dot

Chemical Analysis

  • Perform chemical bath solutions (e.g. Pickling Water, Degreaser ) analyses for Production Process Control
  • Perform Half etch test , Grain Size and Heat Treatment test in accordance to Workmanship Standard and specific customer requirements
  • Liaise with the immediate superior on required Chemical consumables and arranges collection of Chemical laboratory wastes

IMTE Verification and basic maintenance

  • Check available IMTE for any visible damage/calibration due date prior usage
  • Segregate identified IMTE which is not fit for use. Report to the immediate superior and request replacement if necessary.
  • Perform internal calibration and basic maintenance on IMTE on periodic basis as specified in QA05 IMTE

QC Reports

  • Prepare Lab Test Report on the results of ad-hoc inspection conducted
  • Reports monthly to the Management on Quality Control Report, Department's Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Lead Internal CAR for leak out issue

Other Responsibilities:

  • Perform 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) in work area
  • Perform Overtime on Rest Day/OFF Day as and when required
  • Perform Rotating Shift schedule
  • Stand in for other Colleague when delegated
  • Implement Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions
  • Participate in Quality Trainings
  • Perform ad-hoc task determined by the Immediate Superior
  • Arrange Manpower shift scheduling


Your potential

  • Higher Nitec / Diploma
  • At least 1 year related experience in a similar capacity.
    Mechanical / Geometrical / Chemical testing and/or Quality Assurance environment in metal fabrication, precision engineering etching or tool & die industry will be an added advantage
  • Familiar with MS Office (e.g. MS Excel, MS Word)
  • Familiar with ISO Standard
  • Strong Team Player with good communication skills, results-oriented
  • Responsible, patient, willing to learn and adapt to organizational change
  • Able to communicate (both written and verbal) in English Language

Your benefits

  • Health insurance plan: Comprehensive medical benefit plan for employee and dependents.
  • Well-being: Variety of social and health-related activities for employees.
  • Multicultural environment: Work in a multicultural environment, with colleagues of diversified backgrounds.


I am happy to answer your questions.

Mr. James Yeo