More than metal

How copper helps to combat germs

Thanks to antimicrobial copper, dangerous germs don’t have a chance

In the age of antibiotics and vaccinations, our health system has highly effective means of combatting dangerous infectious diseases.

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fast, faster electrical

People are quick to equate the use of electric powered vehicles with short ranges and very limited performance. But this impression is deceptive and has long since ceased to apply to the latest developments.

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For forward-looking mobility

How our R&D department is working to ensure zero downtime - with the future in mind

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Finned tubes deliver fresh fish

By the time a fish has been caught, hauled, landed and served at table, it usually has a journey of several weeks behind it. An unbroken cold chain is therefore essential to prevent spoilage.

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Value that is never lost

Copper has never been in such high demand – and being fully recyclable makes it one of the most sustainable of all industrial metals.

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Going for gold with copper

How an underfloor heating system ensures optimum training conditions for Germany’s junior handball players.

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